My Story

Everyone has a story to tell about how they ended up where they are today. My story started over two decades ago when I decided that I wanted to embark on a journey of self discovery, healing and then helping. This journey has never ended even though at times it faded to a faint whisper … Continue reading My Story


When Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Have you have ever asked yourself, "what if I feel this way the rest of my life?" Or, "what if I will always feel depressed, anxious or sad?" Anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, or grief knows this fear. The fear that we are forever cemented in the pain and cyclone of the mental … Continue reading When Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

Dear Future Employer

Dear Future Employer, Since you have found yourself googling my name, it is probably safe to say you are interested in my application for employment. Perhaps my resume impressed you, which it should. I have a reputable professional background with many rewarding and successful career experiences. You were probably wondering if you had the correct … Continue reading Dear Future Employer

Living with Imperfection  on Social Media 

What if we all told the truth? The truth to the question that Facebook asks you when you open up your page. What’s on your mind? The truth to the question that Twitter asks you when you tweet. What’s happening? How many times have you started to write something, only to delete it before you … Continue reading Living with Imperfection  on Social Media